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Qualification concept of HaMol

The main focus of the work of each PhD student is the planning and execution of their research activities within the respective dissertation projects, and the composition of the written PhD thesis.

In addition to the research activities, PhD students must fulfill the following criteria to successfully complete the HaMol dissertation program:

Required elements:

•             Composition of a brief, written research plan about the respective own dissertation project and presentation to the supervising thesis committee within the first three months upon admission to HaMol

•             Participation in seminars about Science Ethics and Good Scientific Practice within the first year upon admssion to HaMol

•             Regular participation in the HaMol seminar series of talks by PhD students and external speakers

•             Regular participation in progress seminars, preferably to be held in English

•             Regular participation in literature seminars, preferably to be held in English

•             Yearly meetings with the supervising thesis committee and composition of a yearly written project report in English

Recommended elements:

•             Participation in laboratory courses selected from a list provided by the Steering Committee

•             Participation in seminars about professional skills (e.g., scientific writing or data presentation)

•             Participation in the organization of the HaMol seminar series, including selection and invitation of external speakers

•             Supervision of students in the laboratory and during practical courses

•             Participation in scientific conferences and presentation of data

Courses that have been visited outside of the MLU (e.g. at another university, research institution of company) may be counted towards fulfillment of HaMol requirements after review by the HaMol Steering Committee.